The Secret to Being an Effective

Nonprofit or Association Board President

is in a Few Essential Skills 


Are you a first-time Board President or President-Elect without much experience? 


Are you grasping in the dark wanting to best serve your nonprofit or association?  


Are you full of self-doubt?


Are you not sure what you have agreed to in taking on this important role? 


Being a Board President Can be a Daunting Responsibility

Leading your nonprofit or association board can be daunting. It can feel like you have the weight of the entire organization on your shoulder. You hope that the previous President will mentor you. That is not always the case.  Maybe you took on the role because no one else would do it. Maybe someone asked and you weren’t sure. Maybe you wanted to cultivate your leadership skills or have another professional goal.


It’s a Big Commitment of Time and Energy.

The Board Chair or President is critical to your organization’s success. Next to the Executive Director, this position is likely the most important in terms of setting the tone for the entire organization. There is a learning curve. It is natural that you will feel inexperienced or not sure of your role. Being a board president is unlike any other role that you will take on in your career.  it is natural to have anxiety or self-doubt because you don’t have the training that you need to excel at the role.  

You want to do your best and you don’t know where to start to learn how to do it. You want to be better prepared for the task at hand and great a lasting legacy for your nonprofit or association.


All You Need is a Few Essential Skills 

In less than an hour, this FREE webinar will highlight the five essential skills that you need to excel at being a board president for your nonprofit or association. Once you master these skills,  you have the opportunity to lead with confidence.     

This webinar will be part presentation and part conversation as your hosts discuss the best practices for thriving in this challenging environment. Stay after the formal presentation for a 30-minute masterminding session where they will answer your specific questions.


You will learn:   

Why being a board president requires different skills than being a manager.
How Jim Collins in Good to Great defines a Level Five leader.
What the difference is between executive leadership and legislative leadership.
Why facilitation is your most important asset.
Where the line is between the role of the board and the role of the staff.


Christina Becker

Founder of the Canadian Nonprofit Academy 


Christina Becker is the founder of the Canadian Nonprofit Academy and Vice President at Becker Associates. She founded the Canadian Nonprofit Academy because she felt there was a need for good, affordable and just in time education and training for Canadian nonprofit boards.

She is an educator, consultant, and coach to the nonprofit sector, and has served the sector for close to 40 years. In her long career, she has had many roles – consultant, Executive Director, board member, volunteer President of a professional association – where she has helped nonprofit boards become more effective, refine their vision, and plan for their future.

Becker Associates has been serving the nonprofit sector since 1980 offering a full range of professional services including association management services to help nonprofit organizations make a difference in their community.

The Live Webinar is on Wednesday, August 25, 2021


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