Are you frustrated with the impact that your nonprofit organization is making in its community? Do you know that you can do more?

Are you limited by time and money and have to do more with less? Are you and your board at a loss about how to move forward?

Are you struggling with board conflict or stagnation?

Do you know that you need to conduct a strategic plan but can’t find the time to do it?

We can help

The solution to stagnation is to return to the basics, back to the fundamentals of your nonprofit organization and to embrace innovation.

Nonprofit organizations that say “this is the way that we have already done it” and “It has worked for us in the past” run the risk of stagnation, and eventually will severely limit their ability to build a vibrant and resilient organization.

Becker Associates consulting services help nonprofit organizations do more and make a lasting impact in their communities.

We guide you and your board to identify key elements of organizational greatness, innovation, vision, and foresight. These are building block for an effective and connected Board team.

The bedrock of any organization is answered by two questions: What do we stand for? (core values) and Why do we exist? (purpose). By aligning all these elements, board members, volunteers, and staff are motivated and inspired to make a real difference in the community.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are cost-effective solutions to resolve your organization’s challenges. We have consulted in nonprofit organizations for 30 years and worked with many organizations. We build capacity within the board that is necessary to create lasting and sustainable change.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is necessary in these times of tremendous change. Your organizational effectiveness in delivering on its mission depends on having a clear plan forward. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know when you get there.

Becker Associates’ approach emphasizes collaboration, dialogue, success, and implementation.

• We get to the heart of your community to understand the environment and what key stakeholders think about your organization, programs and service
• We ensure a broad-based consultation process to make sure all voices are heard.
• We focus on alignment of core components – purpose, core values, structures and policies – of your organization to create an effective board team.
• We facilitate board retreats that are fun and engaging and that inspire action by volunteers
• We design processes that guide and direct future action and that allow for monitoring progress

Parliamentarian Services

We act as parliamentarian for your annual general meeting or any other large group meeting that requires knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order.

On-site Board Governance Training

Boards can lose momentum in implementing plans due to the annual challenge to create continuity from one board team to another, and to introduce new board members to the organization.

We provide a unique Board governance training tailored to your needs and struggles. Combining essential board training and a facilitated discussion on board dynamics, culture, goals, and concerns, the result is a board that is a team, and the creation of a solid set of priorities for the next board term.

Our promise

Board members and staff of the organizations who have worked with us have felt more confident and inspired by their organization because of our services.

We promise that the board and staff of your nonprofit will have purpose, clarity, focus, and a solid plan of action to successfully move forward. If everyone including members of your board and senior staff can’t say yes, we have a plan that we are committed to and can implement, then we will work with you until you can say YES.

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