Canadian Nonprofit Board Performance and Impact Study  



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Your value contribution paves the way better understanding of how the board of director effectiveness impacts organizational effectiveness in the Canadian nonprofit sector… and, ultimately, an organization’s ability to deliver on its mission.

The need for such a study is long overdue. And the stakes are high. The pandemic caught many organizations — and their boards — off guard. Cut off from traditional, in-person fundraising opportunities (which typically provide a significant portion of annual funding), many organizations have found themselves fighting for survival, and unable to fully serve their communities.

Further complicating matters, board members are often unprepared when they join an organization. They’re expected to hit the ground running and make profound contributions… but without a proper grounding in the organization’s unique mission, culture, financials, and opportunities. And this gap, if left unaddressed, opens the door to frustration for all parties, as well as board member turnover and organizational underperformance.

At the Canadian Nonprofit Academy,  we believe that when board members are well-prepared and fully aligned, then they can bring all of their gifts and expertise to the table. They’re also better equipped to focus on critical matters… have a more rewarding experience… and contribute their utmost. And in turn, the organization they serve can expect a meaningful lift in their financial performance and ability to deliver on their mission.  This is what we hope to uncover.  Once the survey is complete, we will share the results and insights in a comprehensive report.


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