Adapting to Thrive  – Free Webinar Replay 

Presented by Becker Associates, Canadian Nonprofit Academy,

and Go to Market Impact 


Available until May 30, 2020



How is your organization adapting to the current global pandemic? 

This webinar highlights where to look for the gaps in your leadership styles, your business model, and your governance structures and how to shift from reacting to adapting operations for a new environment, and planning for longer-term sustainability and risk management.


Four key points:  

  • How to take a strategic approach to governance despite disruptions
  • Membership strategies that optimize cash flow
  • Diversifying revenue streams including virtual events
  • What to consider as you lead in “the new normal” 







Do you need help or need a fresh set of eyes on your situation,  we can help . . . .


Christina Becker, Vice President and Founder of Canadian Nonprofit Academy can help get you and your board team move out of a fight, flight or freeze mode of reacting.  Do you need help working through the critical questions that you need to answer to adapt to thrive?   Book a call here or email her at


Adam Becker,  President of Becker Associates can help you create an effective retention plan and communication strategy for your membership that ensure that your cash flow pipeline is full.  Email him at


Susan Schramm,  Founder of Go to Market Impact,  can help you create award-winning and dynamic virtual events and to de-risk and accelerate the results of adapting new strategies to ensure that revenue keeps coming in.  Email her at


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