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Governance is a choice.

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Did you know that your operating processes could be limiting you from doing your best work?

Does your organization know which best practices will ensure its effectiveness?

Do you know the areas of your governance processes that need improvement?

Every successful strategic enterprise needs to understand its strengths and weaknesses to ensure that it meets its goals.  Governance is a choice.  The way your nonprofit board of directors works together can make the difference between making a tangible difference in your community or not. If your governance is not working, then you are not able to fulfill your mission.

Canadian Nonprofit Academy defines governance as the structures and processes used by a nonprofit board of directors to carry out its leadership role. Governance structures and process are essential to a well-functioning board.

We created this best practice assessment based on our long history of working with boards that work and with boards that do not work.  In just 5 minutes, you can identify areas for your nonprofit to grow and to improve its capacity. In this assessment, you will be able to:

  • Identify the areas of your processes and procedures that need improvement.
  • Discover insights into your nonprofits health and capacity
  • Discover key problem areas that might be contributing to your board’s dysfunction

Take the governance quiz now to see how your nonprofit organization stands with the most well functioning nonprofit boards of directors.

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