Has your nonprofit or association been hard hit by the current crisis?


Is your board of directors leading your nonprofit toward success?


Are you finding that you need to pivot to adapt or risk demise?


The gaps in your leadership styles, your business model, and your governance structures are never more apparent than when a crisis hits.

Yet many boards of directors and leadership teams find it challenging during a crisis to shift their focus from reacting to adapting for a new environment, and planning for longer term sustainability and risk management.

This FREE webinar builds upon our dialogue in April, hosted by the Canadian Nonprofit Academy and Go to Market Impact.

We will be taking the conversation deeper to discuss changes you need to be making now to thrive in the new normal.

This webinar will be part presentation and part conversation as your hosts discuss the best practices for thriving in this challenging environment.   Stay after the formal presentation for a 30-minute masterminding session where they will answer your specific questions.


You will learn:   

How to take a strategic approach to governance despite disruptions.
Membership strategies that optimize cash flow.
Diversifying revenue streams including virtual events
What to consider as you lead in “the new normal”


Your Hosts   


Christina Becker is the founder of the Canadian Nonprofit Academy and Vice President at Becker Associates.   She founded the Canadian Nonprofit Academy because she felt there was a need for good, affordable and just in time education and training for Canadian nonprofit boards.She is an educator, consultant, and coach to the nonprofit sector, and has served the sector for close to 40 years.  In her long career, she has had many roles – consultant, Executive Director, board member, volunteer President – where she has helped nonprofit boards become more effective, refine their vision, and plan for their future.

Becker Associates has been serving the nonprofit sector since 1980 offering a full range of professional services including association management services to help nonprofit organizations make a difference in their community.


Susan Schramm

Susan Schramm will be a guest speaker on the webinar. Susan is a consultant, speaker and founder of Go to Market Impact LLC. She created the firm to help leaders of mission-led organizations get traction faster for new programs and confidently achieve results. She has held executive roles with Fortune 500 companies, and has served on boards and senior staff of associations and nonprofits. Susan has spent her career helping organizations overcome the challenges of introducing big ideas and pivoting to adapt to a changing market.
Adam Becker is the President of Becker Associates has over 30 years of project and publication management experience. He has devoted a large part of this time to helping small organizations implement technological changes that reflect their business process. He has held positions with the Association of Canadian Publishers and the Canadian Book Publisher’s Council. Most recently, Adam was the Publications and Web Officer for the Association for the Export of Canadian Books.




Friday, May 15, 2020 at 1:00 pm Eastern 

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